TVT-O Implant Pain

My name is Caz. I had a TVT-O implant in a Perth hospital in January 2014. Here is my story.

tvt-o transvaginal meshI had stress urinary incontinence and couldn’t run or kick a ball with my son for 12 years after child birth. I decided to have surgery to fix it. The surgeon recommended this TVT-O but the operation didn’t go to plan.

Constant Pain

I had constant pain since surgery. I had increased pain when my legs were together, lying in bed. Opening and stretching out the inner thigh area helped to relieve tightness and pain. I sometimes slept with a pillow between my legs which relieved some of the pain, though I didn’t do this often because it kept me awake. I needed to turn over regularly in bed during the night because of pain in my groin and down my leg. I had an increased sensitivity to wearing underwear or anything snug. I had increased pain when lying on my left side and also lying flat on my back with my legs straight. The pain down the inner thigh and groin was decreased by staying off side, but I still had pain in the back of my left thigh. I had shooting pain down my left leg which sometimes went all the way to my feet. When sitting, my groin ached both left and right side, particularly in the crease where it meets the leg. The back of my thigh had a constant nagging ache, I got shooting pain down the back of my thigh. It hurt when I bent over to pick up something off the floor. I had also developed lichen sclerosis since the implant. I started itching severely about three months after the operation and my Dr. and Dermatologist diagnosed me about 6 months after implant.

TVT-O Mesh Can Not be Removed in Australia

I had done my research and there is no surgeon in Australia who can remove all of this mesh.

I wanted it out before it caused any more damage to my body. The signs were already there in my body, that there was a risk and a possibility that my complications may develop over time into more serious and permanent damage.

Mesh Removed by St Louis Surgeon


Dr. Veronikis

I flew to St Louis USA to have surgery by a specialist surgeon called Dr Veronikis who has performed more than 2000 mesh removals. He removed my TVT-O.  Many women here have had multiple operations by surgeons in Australia who will only do a partial removal, only to find that it has caused more damage. I did not want to go down that road, these women before me, had done the research, they knew what worked and what didn’t. There are thousands of women suffering.

The medical costs involved were beyond my financial means so I applied for a bank loan. I used my credit card, took out the balance of my superannuation and borrowed money from my family.

Hallelujah, my mesh is out but what a difficult and emotional journey!

3 thoughts on “TVT-O Implant Pain”

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    How much did the operation set you back in the end. Can you post a possible budget. It might help others who are thinking the same thing.

    1. Hi Sally, I spent AU$37,000 all up. This included airfares from Perth to St Louis + return, accommodation, medications, pre-op testing, anaesthesia, theatre, hospital admission and surgery. The Australian dollar is weaker now than it was 6 months ago, so the cost would actually be more now. Dr Veronikis is helping women outside of the USA by reducing costs. Please join the Facebook group Pelvic Mesh Removal Hope for Australia and New Zealand, for more info.

  2. Wow….your pain sounds IDENTICAL to mine…I have a TVT-O also. I haf immediate complications… u get weird body rashes that take months of high doses of prednisone to clear up?

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